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Guest Contributor: Shane Lavalette

Posted on | February 17, 2010|59 Comments<Back
Posted by The Photography Post

Shane Lavalette is a photographer and publisher based in Boston, MA.

Through various methods of image-making – appropriation, re-interpretation, experimentation, collage, etc. – the diverse work of the artists included in Lay Flat 02: Meta both investigate the complex language of photography and question its boundaries. With the official release of the publication just around the corner, I thought I’d offer a “sneak peek” of some of the work that will be featured in the issue. Thanks to The Photography Post for the invitation.

Anne Collier: Woman With A Camera (Candice Bergen 2), 2008

Torbjorn Rodland: Practical Photography, 2006/08

Talia Chetrit: Hourglass, 2009

Noel Rodo Vankeulen: Towards Euphoria and Madness, 2009

David Haxton: No. 667, Fluorescents and Incandescents with Illumination from Fluorescents, 2008

Elad Lassry: Untitled (Red Cabbage 2), 2008

Daniel Gordon: Womans Legs, 2008

Lucas Blalock: Portrait Study (Nina), 2009

Charles Benton: Second Sun #1, 2008

Roe Ethridge: Red Diamondback, 2006

Edited by Shane Lavalette and Guest Editor Michael Bühler-Rose, Lay Flat 02: Meta brings together the works of contemporary artists whose photographs are conceptually engaged with the history, process and conventions of the medium itself. Along with a diverse selection of work by over 25 artists from across the globe, the publication includes writing and an interview to help provide context for the images and raise some of the questions/concerns that surround them.

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