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Studio Visit: Nicholas Gottlund

Posted on | October 21, 2010|115 Comments<Back
Posted by The Photography Post

TPP checks in with our favorite artists on their inspiration, work in progress and studio practice.

Nicholas Gottlund is a photographer and bookmaker. He founded and runs the small publishing house Gottlund Verlag that produces limited edition artist books with contemporary photographers. His book Wild Prayer was recently acquired by the Whitney Museum Library. He currently lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland and in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

I have a studio in rural Pennsylvania, which is also home to my book house  – Gottlund Verlag.  I shoot a lot of photos in the area around the studio as well as plan out projects and use the printing presses for my personal book work.


Here we are at the studio around 3am.  It’s a cool, rainy night.  I like to work into the night here because of how quiet it gets.


This is one of the core favorites of my book collection, Dieter Roth’s 96 Piccadillies.  Beautifully printed and bound with perforated pages, a rad book all around!


Another gem!  Lloyd Kahn’s Shelter book.  This one was given to me by my dad, so it’s an old and very used copy.  Beyond the 60s era style of it all, it has an incredible amount of info on DIY construction.  I especially like this last page.


In the corner of the studio are some things to keep the door open with.  Misc wedges and a cast bronze soccer ball my friend Ignacio made.


Driving out Rt. 78 across Pennsylvania on the way back to Baltimore.  It can be monotonous, but I get some of my best ideas out there.  Driving helps my mind wander through ideas and how to resolve creative issues plus there are a lot of old and funny signs.

Recent Works

nick gottlund tpp new work1

nick gottlund tpp new work2

nick gottlund tpp new work3

nick gottlund tpp new work4

nick gottlund tpp new work5

nick gottlund tpp new work6

nick gottlund tpp new work7

Nicholas’ work is currently on view through October 23, 2010 at Bodega in Philadelphia, PA.


Earth Is Base
Nicholas Gottlund
253 North Third Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Gottlund Verlag titles are available in The Photography Post Market.

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