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Syndication, Outtakes and more...

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Posted by The Photography Post

No byline? Unauthorized use? Don’t know what to do with outtakes? Our columnist and image licensing expert Rebecca Couche has the answers. Got a question you need answered? Please put your issue in the subject line, and email Rebecca at

Q: I’ve been working professionally as a photographer for the last 8 years, and feel that my archive is quite sellable. I’ve shot everything from food to celebrities. I want to start making my archive work for me and syndicate, what are my options? James, UWS

If you have a big archive covering a lot of genres, and you just want to earn some extra money on all of it, I would suggest pairing up with one of the bigger stock agencies. However, if there is one aspect of your income that’s particularly special to you, or one you’d like to see placed with a bit more care (celebrity could be this one) then it’s best to go to a more boutique agency where clients go for specific image needs – chances are, they can also give your work a bit more thought when placing it.

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