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The Kids Are More Than Just Alright

Posted on | February 15, 2010|1 Comment<Back
Posted by Kate Steciw

It ‘s been 10 years since a barely legal Ryan McGinley, published The Kids Are Alright and, with the help of VICE magazine, succeeded in making the New York photo scene feel like the best party you were never invited to. Lately, it seems that whenever something catches my eye it’s made, published or organized by someone under 30 – way under 30! Taking cues from McGinley et al., the most recent crop of “younger than Jesus” arbiters are producing, writing, publishing and curating with more refinement, confidence and overall panache than ever before.

Shane Lavalette (b. 1987), a refined imagemaker and likely one of the most familiar names to readers of this blog, is the founder of Lay Flat, “an imprint that specializes in unique, small-run and limited edition photography books and multiples.” With the publication of the first volume of the Lay Flat journal, Lavalette proved himself an equally adept curator and publisher. Order Lay Flat 02: Meta before it’s too late.

Shane Lavalette: Stone Wall on Cappanawalla, 2008

Grant Willing (b. 1987) and Alana Celii (b. 1986), both accomplished photographers in their own right, collaborate on the highly selective Fjord photography collective cum publication and online exhibition space.

Grant Willing: Svart Metall

Daniel Augschoell (b. 1985) and Anya Jasbar (b. 1986) direct and edit Ahorn Magazine, an online photography publication featuring emerging photographers.

Ahorn Magazine

The Jogging and RUNNING RUNNING RUNNING are two exciting online projects by Brad Troemel (b. 1987) and Andrew Laumann (b. 1987) respectively. Troemel co-curates Bevel and Boss with Andreas Banderas and Natalie Rogsnøy and Laumann most recently co-curated the Stream exhibition with the talented Jennilee Marigomen (b. 1982) of 01 Magazine.

Brad Troemel, Limited Edition Re-Issue, 2009

All of this and, admittedly, I have just scratched the surface. Impressed, inspired, illuminated? I certainly am!


gf1shooter says on:

February 16, 2010 7:50pm

FYI, the more... link at the end of each post is not working. Click it and user ends up back at the brief post.

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