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Edison Pena Documents His Home for Panos Pictures.

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Posted by Rachel Hulin

There are some really interesting pictures that have just been released from the Chilean miner saga: the underground documentation by the runner and Elvis nut of the group, Edison Pena. Not only do they show his workout regime, but they give us a clearer idea of the living conditions the miners faced and their (ahem) sexy pastimes. Can’t wait for the made-for-tv movie.

From PDN:

Panos Pictures, the UK-based photo agency, has posted images that miner Edison Pena took while he was trapped underground in the San Jose mine in Chile for  69 days. His photos show the refuge area where he and the other miners slept on cots and bed rolls, and the pile of fallen stone that cut off their escape. Pena also took several self portraits as he  exercised in the mine’s tunnels by jogging, lifting heavy bars and trying to pull machinery as he ran.  The story can be seen on the web site.

A selection:





It’s good to keep your priorities straight.






See more on the web site.

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