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You Had Me At Morell.

Posted on | October 18, 2010|No Comments<Back
Posted by Rachel Hulin

Ooowee, I get so excited each time I see a new Abelardo Morell camera obscura image, so I squealed out loud when I opened New York Magazine this week.

Here are three new images– click to make them bigger, and read more about them in the piece by Miranda Siegel, here.


"I was lucky to have a gravel rooftop" for this image, says Morell. "It feels like a bad digital picture, pixellated, except that the stones are sharp and real."


"I've made a series of Central Park in that room: summer, fall, spring," he says. "I've yet to do winter—I have to hang around for some storms, so the trees get really white."


"Because the exposure is several minutes long," says Morell, "no cars appear, no pedestrians. There's a slightly… scary feeling."

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