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Frequently asked questions and other useful information.


Q. How do I select Favorites?
A. Sign up! Go to the Live Feeds section. Choose your Favorites by clicking the heart icon next to each feed.

Q. How do I access my favorite Live Feeds?
A. There are two ways to access your Favorites. Sign in. Go to My Favorites in the right column under the TPP About. Click on the heart icon. Alternatively, go to the See All pull down menu next to Live Feeds. Go to Favorites.

Q. How do I remove Favorites?
A. Sign in. Go to the See All pull down menu next to Live Feeds. Go to Favorites. Click the black x icon ne.

Q. I am signed in and choosing feeds. The heart icon is hidden. Why?
A. The heart icon is hidden as a reminder that you previously selected this feed. The feed is on your Favorites page.

Q. Why are there gray feeds in the Live Feeds?
A. We use a gray box to indicate that the feed is active but no static visual is available at that time. This is determined by the feeds content. For example, if the feed includes text but no visual we activate the gray box. Also, the file/extension should be a jpg, gif, or tif.

Q. I have a website. How do I submit my site to TPP Live Feeds?
A. First, thank you for your interest! It's quite simple. Before you submit your site for consideration please review the following criteria:

1. Do you post on average 5 times per week? Great! Please proceed to #2.

2. What is your primary area of interest? We seek the following categories: Art, Editorial, Fashion, Commercial, Books, Gear, Reportage, Still Life, and Beyond.

Submissions can be sent to: